About the Whores

Making Noise and Loving It!

Band founded when Jason answers Recycler ad from Stacy and Trent looking for guitarist who liked Oingo Boingo, KISS, and Rush. There was a connection immediately over KISS and basketball conversations that still goes till this day.

After continuous jamming in the back room at Trent's house, the band left that era with several songs that still get played to this day. Trip Manhattan, Carved, Running My Machine, Racer X, Don Juan all continue to be staples in the Whores' Set List.

After the departure of Mobley for family, Simon Austin came on board to handle bass for the Whores. Early 2005, the Whores asked Scott Reeder (Kyuss, Goatsnake) to produce their first full length album at his Sanctuary Studio. The Whores of Tijuana album was self released and has made fans for the Whores around the world. Trip Manhattan has become a popular song and the fan favorite off the first album.

Scott Williams has joined the band to play Bass and the Whores got busy and quickly hit the studio again. Scott Reeder was once again called upon to handle the production of the second full length titled "Psycholongevity". The Whores will be releasing the album in November to coincide with The Hell Ride Festival in Yucaipa,CA.